Natasha Lee Cavanagh

Veterinary Assistant
In 2002, I graduated from Compu College and started my career as a Veterinary Assistant in Alberta, until finally deciding to move back home to Nova Scotia. I have always known that I wanted to be a part of the Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital team. Growing up on the Eastern Shore, we would bring our animals to the ESVH and we always received the best care from the friendly staff. I really like the small town feeling of this clinic, I got the privilege of joining the ESVH team in September 2012. I love working with animals and helping to figure out what is wrong with them, as they do not have a voice of their own! I enjoy looking at creepy crawlies under the microscope and helping with emergency situations. I love coming in every day and not knowing what might come through the door. Working in the animal field always keeps you on your toes and you're always learning something new every day. I love spending time with my family and friends and some of our favourite thing to do is going camping and spending the day on the four-wheeler trails.


COVID-19 Pet Advice Part 2: Managing Cats' Increased Stress Due to Changes at Home

As a veterinarian, cat lover, and cat owner, I like many, would love to believe my cats would love my constant attention, but alas cats, like us, need their space. 

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