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The “Purrfect” Carrier

Cat carriers are an essential item for any cat owner. They are mandatory when transporting your cat to the vet, on an airplane, or any other location where travel is restricted for the cat’s safety. It is best to select a carrier that is durable, safe, appropriately sized, and easy to clean.Look for a carrier […]

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Sedatives for Vet Visits

Just like us at a doctor’s office, some pets get very anxious at the vet clinic. Whether in for a full workup including an exam and blood work or just here for a nail trim, would your pet benefit from a sedative?

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Easter Pet Safety

Easter is an enjoyable time of year, with many high foods and activities for those who celebrate. But did you know that some of the things that are great for humans, can be toxic or dangerous to our pets?

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How to take Better Photos of Your Dog

Everyone loves to take pictures of their pets. Pets are adorable and a huge part of peoples’ lives. Photographs allow us to see great memories and provide keepsakes of them for years to come. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to show off your pets on social media or in person!

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How To Brush Your Cat Or Dogs Teeth

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the number one best thing you can do to help combat dental disease. Many people are hesitant to brush their pet’s teeth, thinking that the pet will not tolerate it, they may get bit, or that the pet will resent the owner for it.

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Yesterday we took our 16 year old dog here on his final trip. On what was one of the…

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Very compassionate staff, their love of animals certainly shows. Your fur baby is in very good hands! I highly recommend…

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