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A Focus on Royal Canin Senior Consult

There are so many diets designed for senior pets. It can be hard to know which one is best to feed them. Senior Consult by Royal Canin is a veterinary diet available in both canned and kibble form designed for our senior feline friends in mind.

The food has optimal protein levels, proper nutrient levels, and is made to suit the needs of an older cat who is starting to show clinical signs of ageing. Age itself is not a disease, but certain health conditions are more common in older pets. Senior Consult has controlled phosphorous levels and supplemental omega fatty acids to help support kidney health. It also has L-tryptophan, phosphatidylserine, and an antioxidant blend to help with cognitive function.

Arthritis and sore joints are a common concern for our older pets. With this in mind, the diet supports joint health and helps reduce inflammation by including green-lipped mussel powder, Omega 3 fatty acids, glucosamine, and chondroitin in the ingredients.

This, along with many other Royal Canin diets, has something called the S/O index. This index means that the food has been specially made to help manage urine PH, urine volume, and mineral concentrations which prevents the formation of urinary crystals and stones. Many cats can be prone to urinary issues, and diets with the S/O index can be very beneficial to those animals.

As they age, senior cats can lose muscle mass quickly. This diet helps maintain muscle mass by having high levels of quality protein supplemented with an amino acid called leucine.

With the variety of diets available, your veterinary healthcare team are happy to help determine which food is right for your pet.

Written by: Mikaila Cariou, RVT



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