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SUMMER YAY!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here…but that also means it’s hot spot season for your furry friends, Hot spots are a form of skin infections, caused by bacteria. Dogs get hot spots from irritation of the skin and this can be caused by allergies, bug bites, fleas and mites, all causing the dog to scratch and lick.

A lot of thick coated breed and dogs that love the water, tend to have more problems with hot spots due to the moisture that gets trapped between the skin and the fur, and the skin never really gets the chance to dry out. This creates a moist and warm environment for bacteria to thrive on and take over, causing a raging hot spot.  Hot spots can be very irritating and painful for your fur baby, and here is the most common treatment of hot spots:

  1. Clip the fur around the affected area, exposing the hot spot to the air will allow the area to dry out and help with the healing process.
  2. Cleaning the area, using a appropriate cleanser for animals
  3. Make sure the affected area stays good and dry (NO LICKING!!!) The Elizabethan Collar (cone) is the best way to prevent him/her from licking and scratching.
  4. Some hot spots require medications, whether it be orally antibiotics or topical, some cases may require both depending on the severity.
  5. Always seek medical advice from your local Veterinary Team!

Some ways to prevent hot spots from happening are:

  1. 1) Make sure you pet is up to date on the flea medication, to prevent itching.
    2) Keeping the fur clipped short will allow the skin to breath, preventing moisture that can cause a breeding ground for bacteria.
    3) Make sure your dogs fur is good and dry after swimming.
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