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How to take Better Photos of Your Dog

Everyone loves to take pictures of their pets. Pets are adorable and a huge part of peoples’ lives. Photographs allow us to see great memories and provide keepsakes of them for years to come. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to show off your pets on social media or in person!

Here are some tips for getting great pictures of your furry family members!

1. Find a Nice Backdrop.
The perfect scenery will help create a beautiful photo. This can be easier with dogs as they tend to spend more time outside. Many dog owners will come across lovely photo opportunities while out on hikes. If your pet doesn’t go outside, or cannot be transported to a different area easily, don’t worry! You can make a backdrop for your photos without difficulty. You can use any fabric you want (including bedsheets) and hang it up. Walls also work as good backdrops. If you allow your pet on furniture, sometimes that can make a good setting as well. The most important thing to remember is that your pet needs to be comfortable and happy in the area in which you are taking the pictures. It is best to let them go to the area themselves rather than you forcing them.

2. Be Camera Ready!
Whether you are an avid photographer with a fancy camera setup or plan on using a phone or tablet camera, have it ready to go! These days many phones and tablets have high-quality cameras. Pets don’t tend to like to pose for very long, so have the camera set up and ready for when you plan to take pictures.

3. Get your pets Attention!
If you want your pet to be looking at the camera, there are many ways you can catch their eye. Treats, crinkle toys, and squeaky toys can be excellent for getting your pet to look up at the camera. It can be helpful to have an additional person so that you can focus on picture taking while the other person is in charge of distractions.

4. Forget the Flash
Do not force your pet into a situation where they’re uncomfortable. You do not want to make this a bad experience for them; it is not worth a cute photo if they are unhappy. Some pets may be scared of specific situations or backdrops. Many pets do not like camera flashes or the noise of the camera shutter clicking. If your pet is nervous, it is best to hold off on the photos. You can also try to gradually get them used to the experience by using treats and turning it into a fun thing for them.

5. Use Holidays to your Advantage
Holiday decorating can lead to many great photo opportunities. Many places such as rescue groups, malls, and pet stores offer themed holiday photos for a small fee or donation. Again, keep in mind that this can be scary for some pets. Different seasons allow for many different photo opportunities.

6. Find the Right Lighting
Natural lighting tends to be best for pet photography. Going outside or taking pictures by a window can be beneficial.

7. Have Patience!
Remeber this is a new experience for your pet that they don’t understand. Try to make it rewarding for them, and do not force it if they aren’t enjoying it

8. Look into Photo Editing Software
There are lots of different and often inexpensive photo editing software available. Many are very user-friendly.

9. Take a Photography Class
If you are very interested in photography and pet photography, there are many different photography courses out there that you could participate in.

10. Hire a Photographer
If you are unable to take photos on your own, or if you want professional photographs, hire a photographer! There are many out there who love to take pictures of pets!

11. Have fun!
You and your pet should both enjoy this experience.

Do you have awesome pictures of your pet already? Feel free to share them with us! We always love to see photos of our patients out enjoying their everyday lives. Feel free to bring pictures in, or share them on our Facebook page!

Written by: Mikalia Cariou, RVT


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