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Treating Parasites Year-Round

We no longer have a typical flea and parasite “season” anymore with our changing weather. We are now having temperatures above freezing during the winter months and for longer periods of time. This is causing parasites to be out all year around, and now the need for flea and parasite control all year around is becoming a must.

One of the most heard of concerns from owners are fleas. Adult fleas are just a small percentage of our problem when dealing with a flea infestation; one single adult female flea can lay hundreds of eggs in her lifetime.  Fleas like to lay their eggs in the environment around our pets, it can take about a month for the egg to hatch into a larva, then spin into a cocoon and become pupae and then a new adult flea will hatch.  This lengthy process can make getting rid of a flea infestation a difficult and lengthy task. Once the issue is noticed, there is already hundreds of eggs laid in the home and just one month of treatment will not be enough. It will take several months of treatment once there are fleas in the home due to the rate from egg to adult. Flea prevention all year around will help to prevent this, and keep you a step ahead of the fleas.

Parasites can also hide inside of our pets without you seeing them, the most common is worms. Common worms that your cats and dogs can get are roundworm and tapeworm.  Animals can get tapeworms from ingesting a flea or rodent with tapeworm. Tapeworm is usually seen when segments from the worm break off and are past in stool, looking like little white grains of rice.  Roundworms live inside and feed off of the intestines. Animals can have a pot-belly, vomiting, diarrhea and weight loss from a roundworm infestation. Pets can come in contact with roundworm eggs and become infection at any time of their lives.

Even indoor pets can get fleas and worms from us when we bring hitchhiker fleas in our home or roundworm eggs from in soil.  Giving our animal a parasite treatment all year around and prevent them from becoming infested with parasites giving that be fleas or worms.

Your Veterinarian will help you to determine the best method for prevention or the most suitable treatment for eradication should your pet be subject to an infestation.

Written by Gillian Robertson, VA

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