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Overweight Cat Help

Obesity is a very common issue in felines. It can lead to life-threatening disease and overall health concerns. It can be the cause of diabetes, skin conditions, arthritis, UTI’s and much more. The proper nutrition and a good weight loss plan are all you need to keep your cats weight on track, as well as preventing the preventable.

Is my cat fat?

The best people to assess your pet’s weight are the trained personnel at your veterinary hospital. Today almost everyone underestimates a pet’s body condition score and weight. Everything has gotten supersized, and it’s become the norm. Your veterinary staff are trained to “accurately and realistically” do this and the hands-on experience they can give you will help you to understand your pet’s body condition and weight correctly.

How can my cat lose weight? Any weight loss tips?

Putting your cat on a diet that has the proper nutritional balance, as well as knowing your pet’s caloric needs are key. Your veterinarian staff are well trained to be able to assist your pet in weight loss safely. Exercise is also just as important in weight loss. Try putting some of your cat’s meal in a treat ball and make them work for it.

What is offered in nutritional consultation?

At your nutritional consult, we will come up with a weight loss plan designed for your individual pet, as all pets have different nutritional needs and weight loss plans. We will give you helpful information and tips on what you can change at home to help your pet achieve weight loss. We will give a nutritional food recommendation that will have the right amount of calories and nutrients your pet requires for a healthy lifestyle. We will follow with you through your weight loss program and monitor your pet carefully to ensure we are losing at a safe rate. We will have a veterinarian to consult with if we come across any concerns.

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