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Overweight Dog Help

Am I feeding the correct diet? Nutrition is the cornerstone of proper health during all stages of a pet’s life. The choice and amount of diet you feed your pet is an important conversation with your veterinary professional. Much of what you see in advertising and on store shelves is simply clever marketing. Did you know, that there is no such thing as an “all life stages” food and that “Holistic”, “Gourmet”, and “Premium” pet food labelling have no legal definition or regulated requirements? At PetWorks, we focus on listening to what is important to you as the client and consider the nutritional needs of your pet. Our veterinarians will work with you to ensure that you have everything you need to make informed decisions about how and what you feed your pet.

When is a dog considered to be overweight?

Dogs of any age can suffer from obesity. In fact, most pets these days are overweight. Obesity is one of the most overlooked or misunderstood pet health issues today. As a pet parent, it can be hard to know what a healthy body weight for our own pet is, stand above pet and look down on them- you should be able to see a bit of an hourglass shape and can you feel their ribs. If you can’t, your pet may be overweight. It’s important to discuss your pet’s weight with your veterinary professional to ensure optimal long-term health.

Are some breeds prone to obesity?

Your pet’s activity level, play style and nutritional needs are unique to your pet. Ask your veterinarian how your pet’s breed characteristics and lifestyle choices relate to their nutritional needs so that you can be proactive in preventing weight gain.

Why should you have weight management consultation at a clinic?

At your nutritional consult we will come up with a weight loss plan designed for your individual pet, as all pets have different nutritional needs. We will give you helpful information and tips on what you can change at home to help your pet achieve weight loss. We will give a diet recommendation that will have the right amount of calories and nutrients your pet requires for a healthy lifestyle. We will follow with you through your weight loss program and monitor your pet carefully to ensure they are losing at a safe rate. If we come across any concerns, we will have a veterinarian to consult with.

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