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Dog Skin Care

Skin disease in dogs has many causes- bacterial infections, parasites, allergies, immune-mediated reactions and hormonal causes. Skin problems can be frustrating for both the owner and uncomfortable for the pet. Symptoms may be acute, seasonal or non-seasonal depending on the cause. The best way to manage these problems is to have a consultation with one of our veterinarians to develop a treatment plan.

What are the causes, symptoms & diagnosis of bacterial skin infections?

Skin disease can look very similar whatever the cause. Bacterial skin infections can occur in dogs secondarily to underlying skin allergies, hormonal (endocrine) disorders, or another internal disease. If your dog or cat has been scratching excessively or has been losing their hair, it is possible that the skin has become infected. Diagnostic testing to confirm a bacterial infection and determine the primary cause can often be done in the clinic. Early intervention and proper diagnostics allow effective treatment and improve the prognosis.

What are the causes, symptoms and treatment for ringworm?

Despite the name, ringworm is not a worm or a type of parasite but is caused by a fungal infection, and that affects your dog’s skin and hair. Ringworm can present itself in several ways, and you may notice red skin or circular patches of hair loss (alopecia). The options to effectively treat ringworm, depending on the severity of the lesions, range from topical creams to oral medications.

What are the causes and treatment of allergic skin diseases?

Just like people, dogs and cats can have allergies. Typically, pets are allergic to things they are inhaling, such as pollen or things that they have ingested (food). Chronic skin issues can be tricky to diagnose, frustrating for you as an owner and very uncomfortable for your dog. Treatment can vary based on the cause of the allergy. If you are concerned that your pet may be suffering from allergies, contact your veterinarian today.

What are the causes and treatment for parasitic skin diseases?

Parasitic skin disease is caused by external parasites such as fleas or mites. The symptoms of these types of infestations can include intense itching, red skin, sores, and hair loss. If you suspect a parasitic disease in your pet, you should consult your veterinarian who will be able to isolate the parasite and prescribe an effective treatment plan.

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