Parasite Prevention for the Indoor Only Cat

Working at a veterinary clinic, I’m asked many questions daily. One of the most frequent would be “Why does my cat need parasite control, s/he doesn’t go outside!” While it’s true an indoor cat may not be in the same risk category as an outdoor cat, there are still plenty of reasons to provide your cat with regular flea control and deworming.

Many homes are multi-pet households. Indoor cats are at a higher risk if there are other pets in the house that go outside. Even if another pet is on flea control, they may bring a stray flea or two into the household.

Even if you do not have any pets, who travel outside, your home is not entirely safe from parasites. You, members of your family, or friends can bring these parasites inside as well. It could be a live flea, or tick, or even eggs they picked up walking through the grass.

Not all parasites are external either. Internal parasites, such as tapeworm, hookworm, or roundworm, can become a problem as well. Insects such as houseflies and mosquitos can transmit the eggs of these worms to your cat. How you ask? They eat them. Personally, my cat enjoys both the chase, and the consumption of houseflies, or as I call them, Sky Raisins. It seems no matter how tight the security on your home is, these pesky flying insects can be stealthy enough to make it inside.

Although owning a pet does come with its share of responsibilities, the love and affection we give and receive seem to make it all worth it. Talk to your veterinarian about year-round parasite control to help keep your indoor cats and your home parasite free!

Written by: Denise Costard, Veterinary Assistant



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