Senior Pets and Children

At many vet practices we frequently hear that “my old dog or my old cat doesn’t like the kids.“ As pets age they tend to change in their behaviours as well their physical abilities.

So why is it that many people feel that old pets and young children don’t mix? Older pets have less tolerance for rambunctious kids who run around the house, some of this is related to the cat or dog not being able to move out of the way as fast because they may be painful or arthritic.

Here is my story…

Hi, I am a senior husky /lab mix. I consider myself to be fairly fit for my 10yrs of senior, I do have sore joints but mostly have some eyesight issues. My doctor says that I do not have cataracts, just some signs of older dog eyes.

“What does that mean?” Well, I cannot see as well at night or in low lighting.  When mom takes me to visit friends places that have kids, I get to have a pillow in the corner or somewhere safe away from the fast moving littles ones. At home, we have night lights to help me at night and extra lights outside when I go for potty breaks.

Sometimes I get nervous around little kids, because as an older doggy, I sleep really hard when I take a nap. I sometimes don’t even hear mom walk right up to me before I wake up. So, if I am napping, mom makes sure to not let little kids or even other younger goofy puppies come play near me or accidentally jump on me.

Mom has done a lot of research and reading on www.doggonesafe.com to make sure she knows all the signs that I might show her that I am getting nervous in a situation. Here are some to watch for with your older doggy if your grandkids or kids are around: Moon eye, yawning when not tired, licking when no food around, tail hanging between and wagging a bit, ears tucked back tense-looking face. These are just some of the signs of anxiety doggies show when nervous. Check out the website I listed it has a lot of good info.

So, remember that kids and older pets are not always the best mix but with good supervision, a wonderful bond can be maintained as your doggy or kitty gets older.




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