Holiday Season Tips

The season of indulgence is upon us! Although the Holidays can be a busy time, it is important to keep as close as possible to your pet’s eating and exercise routines.

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Chocolate Toxicity

With the Christmas and Halloween seasons surrounding us, it is important to talk about chocolate.

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Marijuana, Pets and You

With the legalization of recreational cannabis use coming into effect on 17 October 2018 and the growing acceptance of cannabis

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What Is a Hot Spot? (Not a Wi-Fi Zone!)

At this time of year dogs with ‘hot spots’ (or acute moist dermatitis) are very common.

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Vaccines Save Lives

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) celebrates Animal Health Week from September 30 to October 6, 2018, this year’s theme is Vaccines Save Lives! This is a reminder to animal owners about disease prevention.

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