Cat Weight Management

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 58% of cats and 54% of dogs were overweight or obese in 2015.

Is my cat fat?

As a general rule a cat is overweight when they are 15% above ideal weight and obese when they are 30% above ideal weight. A Veterinarian can assess and let you know if your cat is overweight.

How can my cat lose weight? Weight loss tips?

You can help your cat lose weight by providing portion control, specific weight loss diets, food balls, and toys to mimic hunting, increase activity in the home and interactive play. We can offer a weight loss plan for your cat.

Do you offer nutritional consultations?

We have trained staff that can assist you with weight loss programs for your cat. Call us for further information.


The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

Pets can get lost which can be a traumatic and possibly tragic event.  It’s important to have a collar and ID tag, but these are not foolproof.  Collars can break or fall off leaving your pet unidentifiable. This can be prevented with the use of a microchip. As noted in the Dartmouth Tribune in April 2017: A pet is lost every seven seconds One in three pets will go missing in their lifetime Only 2 percent of lost cats and 17 percent of lost dogs with ID return home When a pet gets lost, they are 20 times more likely to make their way back home when they have a microchip

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