Meet One of the Team’s Pets!

Get to Know One of the Team’s Pets!

Meet Zeke! 

Nicknames:  “Z”, “Meesie” or “Meesiedoodle”

Age:  8 years old

Species/breed:  Feline, Blue Point Siamese

Favorites Toy:  Skitter Fish (shiny fish-shaped thingies that slide across the floor)

Food:  CET Feline chews – we call them “cork” – great dental treats that help keep Zeke’s teeth and gums healthy!

Activity:  Rolling on the floor looking adorable

Place to visit: The kitchen where the cork lives

Adoption: Private family

Interesting behavior: When it is cold at night he will tap me on the lip and ask to be let under the blankets

Funniest Story: When I give the cats “cork” Z will steal the other cat’s “cork” and run with it in his mouth like a cigar to somewhere he can eat it as fast as he can.

Why Zeke is the greatest? Z is the most intelligent cat I have ever known. You can see his “wheels” turning – plotting how to climb higher, and get somewhere he is not supposed to be.  He is so darned adorable that all is forgiven even if he does get there.

 By Connie Boudreau (Veterinary Assistant)

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