The Evolution of Bean

Two weeks ago, someone surrendered a three-week-old kitten to our hospital, that they had found in their shed. Everyone immediately fell head over heels for his long black fur, white wisps, and bright blue eyes (cue the arguing over who will keep him).

Bean had a full bladder and lots of gas in his intestines. We had no idea how long he had been in the shed on his own, or when he had last eaten. We got him kitten milk, and he immediately started chowing down and learning to bottle/syringe feed.

We had one of our veterinarians check him over and give us the details on when/how often to feed him. We also had to stimulate his rear end (like his momma would have done) every two hours to help him urinate and have bowel movements. His home was set up in our clinic, and we all take turns taking him home overnight to give him continued care. Little Bean has worked his way into all of our hearts, as it is hard not to fall in love with every animal in this industry.

Currently, Bean has now learned to eat and drink on his own. He is off formula and is on a strict development kitten food diet. Bean has learned how to urinate and have bowel movements on his own in the litter box (we are all proud mama’s and papa’s). Bean is happy, healthy, and awaiting his big boy check-up and tests to ensure his health care is continued.

Although we have no idea who will take Bean home when he is ready, we are all enjoying the playful, loving, and smart kitten that was dropped off into our lives. Stay tuned for the next installment on Bean!

Written by Siera Sullivan, VA

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