Connected Through Animals


I must confess, I work with pretty great people.  From the veterinarians to the technicians to the veterinary assistants.  We are all bonded in one way or another through animals.  

On a daily basis, I see staff sharing to others their most treasured snapshots of their pets.  Reactions are always the same, “Aww cute picture”.

I hear myself saying to the many pets we see at the clinic, “thanks for making my day”.  And it’s true.  Not always are our days filled with cuddles and kisses.  After a tough day, I welcome those head butts from our feline patients, giving treats to our canine patients and snuggles from our exotics.

I believe our clients love to share their stories because we love to hear them.  It’s great to swap tales about our pets.  Half of the time we end up educating clients in pet care without realizing we do.

Animals…  What a great way to be connected!

Written by Amanda Elliott, Veterinary Assistant



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Tara Lee Mackenzie

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Stephanie Glendenning

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