What Fur Means To Me

Wearing scrubs in public garners a certain respect from those whom see you. Wearing scrubs into work gains vet assistants looks of admiration; it is assumed we are some of the hardworking nurses that staff our human hospitals and clinics. Leaving work as a vet assistant, however, is another story.

When I leave work, I am often covered in (among other things) that fluffy stuff we all love on our pets, but hate on our clothes: fur. Walking down the street after a shift I often get looks of confusion or even disgust at the state of my furry scrubs! I don’t mind. I look these people in the eye, and smile. I do not see furry clothes as dirty or unfashionable; I see them as my personal badge of honor.

When my scrubs are covered in fur it means I just got off a shift that was too long and too exhausting for me to even consider dragging out the lint roller before leaving. It means I helped clean, treat, and often console some of the many sick animals that needed care throughout the day. That I was working so hard I did not stop to think what I might look like, and was instead focused on the (many) tasks at hand. It means I had a successful shift, and can be proud of what I accomplished. And it also means I left those animals in the care of my amazing friends and co-workers, who will in turn be awarded their own badges of honour.

When I leave my house with furry clothes it means I was just cuddling my two wonderful cats. That I had a hard day, and perhaps the compassion fatigue that all vet assistant’s struggle with got the best of me this week. This happens after saying goodbye to one too many precious friends and patients, and warrants some extra cuddle time at home. It means I know how to value every healthy day my pets have, and give them love and attention whenever I can. They, in return, leave me proof of our relationship: furry clothes.

So if you were to stop me on the street, and ask me about my furry scrubs, clothes, or other garments; I would tell you what you just read. I would say, with a smile on my face and love in my heart, that I have the best job in the world, and am proud to show it off, even if it is not always in fashion.

Written by Makayla Mosher, Veterinary Assistant

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