Dr. Paul Robb

Dr. Paul Robb, DVM


I was motivated from a young age to enter the veterinary profession. I worked on the family standardbred horse farm and various dairy farms. I went on to graduate in 1986 from the Ontario Veterinary College. After working for a short time in a large animal practice near Toronto I moved to the east coast and started a career in small animal medicine.

I joined the Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital in 1986 and became part owner in 1991. I was drawn to the culture of compassionate medicine and balanced lifestyle.

I am most interested in "family veterinary medicine" -caring for pets in the context of their families and the special bonds that exist. I love the great people I get to work with and my patients and clients. I think at DVH we have the ability to have a really good time and still provide serious empathetic veterinary care.

Fun fact about me is that as my kids have matured into young adults I have maintained the ability to embarrass them. Routinely.

My first pet who was just mine was a bull mastiff named Merle.


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