CEO and Official Nap-taker

Tell us about yourself. What inspired you to go into the veterinary industry? What year did you graduate? What school did you go to?

I came to Dartmouth Vet with my two young kittens in 2013. They took wonderful care of my kittens and me. I couldn't wait to take over, this place was great! My two kittens were adopted to lovely families, but I stuck around making all attempts to convince the humans to keep me here.

Why did you decide to join the clinic? When did you join?

I loved the people and the ever-flowing supply of food, so I made sure that no one adopted me until I could wiggle my way into the hearts of all the staff who work here. Mission accomplished. It took a lot of fake hissy-fits, and aloof behaviour, but I'm a fantastic actress. Never over-dramatic - just the right amount of drama.

What special area in the veterinary industry interests you most?

Eating, sleeping, greeting clients, scaring dogs, you know - the usual.

What do you love most about your job?

The human servants that came with the position. It's a hard job, so having some humans to do my bidding makes everything a little bit easier.

What is your favourite thing about the clinic?


Fun fact about yourself?

I love sleeping in bubble wrap and have a mean left hook. I am also a fierce ball hockey player.


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