Kitten Vaccinations

Kitten vaccines are a very important start to a healthy lifestyle. Getting all, they need as babies will build up the immune system to help fight off any diseases that they may be exposed too, as some of them can be fatal if contracted. It’s a good idea to talk to your vet and discuss the lifestyle of your kitten so they can vaccinate properly.

When do kittens get their first vaccines?

Ideally kittens should get their first vaccines at eight weeks of age.

How often does my kitten need a vaccine?

Kittens need three initial vaccines, each four weeks apart (8, 12, and 16 weeks). Then a year from the third vaccine we would update all that is needed for the following 1-3 years.

Some of the vaccines are good for three years, others are done yearly, so depending on the lifestyle of your kitty the doctor will decide which ones are needed.

Keeping your cat up to date on vaccines keeps their immune system nice and strong to fight against the preventable diseases.

Does my kitten need only core vaccines?

Keeping your kitten up to date on vaccines on a regular basis keeps their immune system nice and strong to fight against the diseases.

Are there any risks associated with vaccines?

There is always a risk of a reaction to a vaccine, but it is rare. Some symptoms may include fever, lethargy, and swelling. A very rare reaction could be a vaccine-associated sarcoma, which is a small lump that builds at the injection site.

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