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Fruits and Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs

Many people love feeding their dogs treats or adding a little special something into their normal kibble, or canned food. Some healthy and low-calorie options for this are fruits and vegetables.

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How Acupuncture Can Help Your Pet

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture is an ancient treatment that is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Easter Pet Safety

Easter is an enjoyable time of year, with many high foods and activities for those who celebrate. But did you know that some of the things that are great for humans, can be toxic or dangerous to our pets?

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Toxic Treats – Xylitol Toxicity

Xylitol is a common sugar substitute. It is often found in gum, toothpaste and some types of peanut butter. Some people use it at home to bake lower calorie sweets. While very safe for people, it is potentially deadly for dogs.

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In Grown Toenails on Pets

An Ingrown toenail is when the toenail grows into the pad of the paw, which causes pain and discomfort and is a result of nail overgrowth.  Ingrown toenails can happen to any pets whether it be a cat or dog and at any stage of their lives.

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COVID-19 Pet Advice Part 2: Managing Cats' Increased Stress Due to Changes at Home

As a veterinarian, cat lover, and cat owner, I like many, would love to believe my cats would love my constant attention, but alas cats, like us, need their space. 

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