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How To Brush Your Cat Or Dogs Teeth

Brushing your pet’s teeth is the number one best thing you can do to help combat dental disease. Many people are hesitant to brush their pet’s teeth, thinking that the pet will not tolerate it, they may get bit, or that the pet will resent the owner for it.

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Bailey: A Senior Success Story

While it is common for pets to slow down as they age, decreased function/activity could be linked with pain. Bailey was a 16-year-old cat brought in to have a lump checked. On examination, he was found to have severe dental disease with several infected loose teeth.  He was booked in for dental surgery and, along […]

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Dental Home Care by Dr. Cindy Rodgerson

Dental Home Care is designed to keep your pet’s breath fresh and their kisses welcome. The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) feels that daily brushing is the gold standard to remove plaque from your pets’ teeth. Plaque is a combination of saliva, food particles and bacteria, and leads to the build up of hard tartar/calculus […]

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COVID-19 Pet Advice Part 2: Managing Cats' Increased Stress Due to Changes at Home

As a veterinarian, cat lover, and cat owner, I like many, would love to believe my cats would love my constant attention, but alas cats, like us, need their space. 

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