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What Is Pica?

Do you have a pet who loves to eat things they shouldn’t? Pica can be defined as the persistent craving and frequent eating of non-food substances.

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Fruits and Vegetables That Are Safe for Dogs

Many people love feeding their dogs treats or adding a little special something into their normal kibble, or canned food. Some healthy and low-calorie options for this are fruits and vegetables.

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Signs That Your Pet May Need a Dewormer!

Pets getting worms is a very common thing, and generally an easy fix.

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Why I Chose Pets Plus Us Insurance for My Cat

Many of our staff pets here at Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital have pet insurance. This is because if they get into any sort of accident or become ill, finances do not add to an already stressful situation.

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Sedatives for Vet Visits

Just like us at a doctor’s office, some pets get very anxious at the vet clinic. Whether in for a full workup including an exam and blood work or just here for a nail trim, would your pet benefit from a sedative?

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COVID-19 Pet Advice Part 2: Managing Cats' Increased Stress Due to Changes at Home

As a veterinarian, cat lover, and cat owner, I like many, would love to believe my cats would love my constant attention, but alas cats, like us, need their space. 

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