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Homemade Pet Treats

Many pets are on special diets for various medical conditions. These special diets can be amazing for our pets, and they help improve the quality of life of the pet.

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Halloween Is Right Around the Corner

While this is a fun time of year for humans, it can be risky for animals. We want your furry friends to stay safe and happy during the holidays.

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Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

In animal shelters, puppies and kittens get adopted the quickest. While younger pets are great, senior pets have a lot of love left to give and make an excellent addition to any family.

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A Focus on Royal Canin Senior Consult

There are so many diets designed for senior pets. It can be hard to know which one is best to feed them.

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Cats and Their Nails

Cats and their claws have been in the news lately with the decision of the Nova Scotia Veterinary Association to ban declawing for non-medical reasons. Why was it banned?

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COVID-19 Pet Advice Part 2: Managing Cats' Increased Stress Due to Changes at Home

As a veterinarian, cat lover, and cat owner, I like many, would love to believe my cats would love my constant attention, but alas cats, like us, need their space. 

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