Flea Myths

It’s September. A chill in the air can now be felt. Bugs should be a thing of the summer right?! Wrong! Fleas are a very common parasite yet there are still so many misconceptions about them.

Myth: Indoor pets cannot get fleas.
Myth busted: Well regulated temperatures inside the home are particularly comfy for fleas.

Myth: Since the people in the home aren’t being bitten then there aren’t any fleas.
Myth busted: People tend not to be bitten unless the flea population in the home is large. The cat flea, for example, does not prefer human blood and won’t eat it unless necessary.

Myth: Fleas do not exist in homes with hardwood flooring.
Myth busted: Cracks in hardwood floors are a perfect spot for flea eggs to develop.

Myth: I would see fleas if they were present.
Myth busted: Not always! Most animals will scratch or groom themselves after being bitten which causes the flea to jump off or get swallowed.

Let’s put an end to the myths and stay on top of these pesky parasites because fleas are here to stay!

Written by Amanda Elliott


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