Tooth Fractures

Fractured teeth are one of the most common dental problems we see in veterinary medicine. They can be caused by a number of things; chewing on toys, playing with other dogs and trauma. These fracture can cause discomfort/pain, anorexia and change in mood and should be treated right away.

Tooth fractures are classified into two categories, complicated and uncomplicated. Complicated fractures are when the enamel of the tooth has been broken away and the dentin and/or pulp beneath has been exposed. These parts of the tooth being exposed is what causes the pain associated with a fractured tooth. Uncomplicated fractures are when only the enamel is broken away with the dentin and pulp cavity not exposed, these tend to be less painful.

Either way, the tooth still needs to be assessed by a veterinarian. If it is determined that the tooth is still healthy and there is no dentin or pulp cavity exposed, the tooth can be monitored for any signs of problems. If it is a complicated fracture, the most common treatment is extraction of the tooth under an anesthetic. This will ensure that the pet is comfortable and is able to eat without problem.

If you suspect that your pet is having issues with their teeth, please call us at (902) 434-0700


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