This week with Mama – What’s With All This Cold Weather?

I am appalled at how cold it has been lately! I’ve had to spend more time by the heater than usual, which messes with my hair and we all know that that is dreadful.

I’m lucky that I own this clinic though, I don’t need to worry about being stuck out in the cold. Some of my associates who prefer the outdoor life don’t always realize that it’s not safe to be out in lower temperatures. It’s up to their human slaves to curb their enthusiasm for the outdoor lifestyle in the winter time. With our severe maritime storms, it is important for us felines to stay inside under warm blankets or on top of the humans to steal their warmth. Always make sure that your human has placed outdoor shelters with straw and blankets in case you decide you don’t want to be inside where the food is for some reason!

Some of us also like to hang out inside of warm vehicles so make sure that your human is always checking their cars before leaving to do whatever it is that they do all day.

Also, watch out for that blue juice, anti-freeze. It seems like a great idea to drink it, but it can be quite dangerous for us felines.

If you get frostbite on your ears or toes, you need your human to bring you to see me at the vet clinic as soon as possible to ensure that we can control the damage as much as possible.

Stay warm compadres!

Written by Blair Lutes, Site Coordinator

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